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See how it works!
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Here’s Why a Zoom Mitzvah from Jerusalem may be right for you...

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Hello Rabbi David,

Wow, I cannot believe that we have been home for a week already and Israel is wonderful memories behind us. A great part of that was the Bat Mitzvah and I have to thank you for giving myself, Kayleigh and the rest of the family such a special ceremony. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a fantastic “creative Bat Mitzvah” and we are so touched by the words and effort you put into making such a function a once in a lifetime event. We have the speeches and certificate neatly bound and will be kept for Kayleigh. You may with absolute pleasure refer any prospective clients and I will only be too happy to give a fabulous referral

Thank you once again

Regards and best wishes,

Anthony Renfield 

South Africa