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For so many families like your own, COVID 19 has forced you to revisit your plans. Many people are wondering if they should postpone, with the hope that things will improve. Some have already postponed and are facing the decision for a second time. This is a very personal decision and we hope you are able to make it with a minimum of anguish.  Most families that have opted for the Zoom Mitzvah have been very pleased.

If you have a Rabbi and/or a synagogue that is offering a zoom option, and you feel connected there, then that is for sure your best bet. BUT, if for whatever reason are unable to/ have opted not to go through your synagogue, then we invite you to contact Rabbi Ebstein to have a Zoom Mitzvah live from Jerusalem.  The idea of adding Israel to your celebration might not have occurred to you, but WHY NOT?  Having a Rabbi leading the service from Jerusalem adds a unique level of holiness to your simcha, setting it apart from all others.


Here is what you can expect: 

  • From the moment you decide to celebrate with us straight through to the end of the Zoom service, Rabbi Ebstein will be by your side. Through Zoom/Skype and correspondence, he will meet with your family in advance as needed, and together you will craft the celebration you are looking to create. 

  • If you have a local tutor Rabbi Ebstein will be in touch with him/her to make sure everyone is on the same page, or he will supervise the tutor from our educational team. 

  • A zoom script/program complete with stage directions will be created especially for you, so that the service will be seamless (as much as possible).

  • Your child will be asked to write a note that we will print out and put in between the stones of the Kotel, the Western Wall. We will include a short clip of this during your broadcast.  Also, (shhh-let’s keep this a surprise!) we will ask some Israelis to wish your child Mazal Tov and show that clip as well... and finally, if you want to incorporate some Tikkun Olam into your celebration, here is a list of worthy organizations and people hand-picked by our friend and colleague, Arnie Draiman.

  • On the day itself, Chaim Snow, our professional, highly trained videographer will provide ALL of the technical support needed to make sure everything goes smoothly.  Your child will be in your home, and Rabbi Ebstein will be in Jerusalem in front of a beautiful background video of Jerusalem. You will not be bothered with hosting, muting, spotlighting or anything else.

  • State of the art recording equipment will be used so that both your actual broadcast and your end product video will be of the highest quality. 

  • Chaim’s expert management of the event will keep all of your guests completely engaged, and you will be able to see how much fun everyone had when you watch the recording.

  • A beautiful certificate created by renowned Judaica artist, Jeanette Kuvin Oren, and a personalized gift will be mailed to you so that you may present them in Rabbi Ebstein’s name at the Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

  • You will also receive the recording of the zoom service and the text of the chat.

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